Our Throttle Quadrants…..


Welcome to our site.  I designed and produced the first Quadrant when the potentiometers on my Saitek quadrant began to spike and no replacements were available.  At the time, I was frustrated by the fact that the Saitek provided a good entry point, but it was not what I wanted in a quadrant.   I wanted  more features, such as “reverse thrust” levers, notched and spring loaded flap lever,  a full size trim wheel, and a life size quadrant.  Moreover, I wanted to make it modular and easy to customize or repair.

After building my own quadrant and realizing that a similar one for a good price was not available, I decided to produce them for other simmers.

With 30 years of manufacturing experience, a pilot’s license, and many years of flight simming, I have a pretty good idea of how to build high value products for our hobby. The 30 years in industry also hints to the fact that I am at an age where this is more of part time endeavor than a full time business.

I wanted  our quadrants affordable so that many simmers could enjoy the feel of a life like quadrant without having to invest thousands of dollars.

Naturally, in order to make this possible,  some compromises had to be made.

The first was the design.  As I studied the complexity of a quadrant, I noticed that the more one tries to build an exact duplicate of a real quadrant, the higher is the cost. For example,  a real  Boeing quadrant has two trim wheels: one for the pilot and one for the copilot. Sure, in a real aircraft there are always two pilots and, for safety reasons,  the aircraft must have two trim wheels.  This is just one example of one of many design features that we chose to leave out.

Don’t expect our quadrants to have that high tech factory finish. We custom  build each quadrant, so minor  blemishes or imperfections  represent the assembly process rather than a defect. We guarantee our quadrants for life, and we take them back with no questions asked. We can assure you that you’ll love our quadrants. There is no other Quadrant  that is a feature rich as ours.

We guarantee our quadrants for life, and our customer support is one email away.  Our support is quick and very helpful. As some customers will attest, we go out of our way to help them with their quadrant issues.

If you’re not happy with our quadrant, we’ll gladly take it back and refund your full purchase price less $25.00, which covers our initial shipping fees.

In sum, our quadrants are designed for simmers who are on a budget, but as time, money and skill allow, want to add options or customize them as their needs grow.

Since we do it for the love of the hobby, we custom build each unit after we receive payment.  Our average time is 2 weeks from time of purchase. Delivery times can change, and we’ll inform you accordingly.

Shipping is free in the US, except for Hawaii and Alaska.


International customers must add a flat fee of $75 for international shipping.

We know that some users have special needs for their quadrants. Write to us, and we’ll see if we can accomodate your needs. 


Feel free to write us with any questions.