In Development….., and ready to ship!

We always think about how our quadrants can be improved as well as incorporate more features without increasing the cost. How much?  The base price is $99.00 plus shipping. Each option is extra.

The images  show our Beech Baron quadrant as the first product in our Vintage Pro series:  6 metal levers, beautifully designed to mimic a vintage Beech quadrant, including a trim wheel.  Our next variant will be the DC3. Our use of 3D printed parts enable us to provide real looking knobs and shapes that bring you closer to the real thing.  The idea is to get closer to specific aircraft quadrant designs, without having to spend thousands of dollars, or having to settle with a mass produced, generic, unrepairable products.  And of course, these quadrants can be customized to have different lever arrangement, different shapes and color knobs, with or without a trim wheel, programmable rocker paddle switches, and different desk mounting options.  These new quadrants will feature a smaller footprint, all plastic covers and CNC engraved lettering (in some cases, you can pick the text). They can be configured with detent points for those of you who need detent action on some levers.

Yes, they can be configured with Hall Sensor pots also.

We’re still updating the webstore, so if you interested in getting one, write us about it.