Available Options for your Throttle Quadrant

All of our quadrant offer options that add to your piloting needs and experience. These options are not available to all quadrants.

  • Fuel Off On Switches
    Available only on the Classic Pro, ProTek, and Quattro Quadrants, the fuel on off can be ordered as 2, 3, or 4 paddle switches, depending your your choice of quadrant.  These switches are usually used for Fuel cut off and Fuel On events. Each sim and aircraft may have unique ways to operate these events. Registered FSUIPC may be required for correct functionality . Technical note: the switches provide either a temp on (off) temp on, or ON-off-ON. Switches style may vary. Either of these switches should address your needs, but we cannot guarantee it. Be sure to contact us for further clarification before ordering this option.

  • Landing Gear

Our landing gear is available for the Classic Pro, ProTek, and Quattro quadrants only.
This great feature provides a great alternative to a stand alone gear lever.Registered FSUIPC may be  required for correct functionality . Technical note: these switches provide a basic on-off function. Be sure that your aircraft and sim will work with such a function.

  • Detente Point

Available for all quadrants, the detente points provide a “soft” stop, thereby creating a travel zone for levers  that in some aircrafts throttles , such as the Airbus or the Q400,  activate reverse thrust. FSUIPC may be required for proper functionality, depending on the aircraft model and the simulator. These detente points can be de-activated with a lock lever under the unit.  Mechanical switches are also available for additional functionality.

Detent Lever How To

  • Under the Desk Mounting Kit

An easy method to attach our quadrants under any desk, regardless of table top thickness. We call it a kit, but in reality you receive it fully assembled. The included screws allow you to mount it to our quadrant with pre drilled holes on each side.   You can either clamp the unit to the desk or use more permanent means. Comes unpainted only.

  • Painting

We offer all of our quadrants unpainted. This is to save you money.  Our painting option has standard colors, but for an extra fee we’ll consider a color scheme of your choice.

  • TOGA Button

Available only on the Protek, the TOGA button adds additional functionality to the left throttle lever.

  • On Desk Mounting Clamps

Simple and robust way to mount your quadrant on any desk up to 1.5″ thick.

  • Horizontal and Vertical trim switches

You can opt to have one or both trim switches added to you quadrant. They look like trim wheels, but they activate two programmable buttons so that a rudder can be programmed to go left by turning the wheel left, or right by turning the wheel right. So using the trim wheel is like using a button. The vertical trim wheel is ideal for pitch trim,providing very  fine trim control.

  • Brake Lever

For those of you who want everything, and a parking lever helps you with your preflight checks.  A registered FSUIPC is needed for full functionality.

  • Switch after Detente Point

As explained, our Detente Point option provides only a soft stop for the levers. If a pilot wants to activate a mechanical switch past this point, just like a Saitek throttle, then we offer the “Switch” option. This switch is located inside the quadrant and is activated when the lever reaches a physical stop( or the Idle  point) on the quadrant.  This switch is permanently mounted.

  • Lever Knob Combiners

These combiners provide you with an easy way to convert our Quattro into a 2 or 3 lever quadrant for those aircrafts with 2 or 3 engines.  Using the combiners is easy:

each lever is designed for the combiner to screw into one side and allow the lever next to it to engage so as to link the two knobs together. Once the two levers are “combined”, you must disable the unused axis so that when you move the two levers as one, the sim sees only one lever.

The image on the left shows the combiners creating a two engine combination.
The image on the right shows one combiner creating a one engine combination.

Please note that the Knob combiners  must be ordered only when the quadrant is ordered.

Throttle combiner How To Use them Video